Reclaimed Memories

Bike Art Picture Gallery

This piece is made from a chain set. I polished the sprockets to a high mirror shine, to really set it off.

This striking clock has been made using an assortment of spark plugs used in various bikes. The back plate is from a Japanese number plate mounting bracket. The center is made using a rear wheel bearing from a Kawasaki ZX-7R.

Finished in a metallic blue to emphasise the blue lettering on the NGK plugs.

This is a piece I made for someone for their sisters birthday.


I was told she liked nature, shiny things and unique objects.


This is what resulted.

Front Magura Julie disc rota as a clock. This piece has been highly polished, featuring black allan headed bolts and gold contemporary hands. Creating a wonderful contrast with the polished effect.

 This piece has been created using a rear brake disc off an unknown motorbike. Again its highly polished however this one feature an angle grinder cutting disc as the center mount. It is very elegant and industrial all at once.

This piece is made in a similar style to the other chain set clock. Again it is highly polished however this piece features a stone grinding disc for the center and the chain has been buffed to be a brighter piece.