Reclaimed Memories

About Reclaimed Memories

Since 2011 Reclaimed Memories has passionately created handmade clocks and bespoke artwork using reclaimed, up-cycled materials such as motorcycle parts, car parts, bicycle parts, wood and glass. A number of techniques are used including metal polishing, metal plating (gold, silver and chrome), welding, riveting, drilling, painting, wood work and more.


Everything is totally unique, individual and special and the aim is to take something which is often overlooked and turn it into a focal centerpiece. The pieces produced are striking, unusual and definitely not designed to blend into the background! Owning one gives you the satisfaction that you are the only person in the world to own that art as no two are the same - even a copy would differ due to the way each piece is envisioned, created and produced.


Reclaimed Memories was started by Oliver Cliff, several years after the death of his father in a motorbike accident. Having a background in engineering and a keen love of motorbikes and all things mechanical, Oliver hated seeing so many things being cast aside and left unloved, dirty and destined for the bin. Following a routine service on his bike he used the chain and sprockets to create a clock as he envisioned something as a reminder of better times of biking. Spending many hours polishing the sprockets to a mirror like shine, fabricating the chain body and finding parts to make the clock background a truly personal and reflexive piece of art was produced. From the response he got he started collecting all kinds of parts and discarded materials and began to create sculptures and functioning pieces of art to give them new life, turning overlooked parts into focal points of affection. Experiencing the loss of his father and himself having a near fatal crash a few years later has given him an appreciation of the fragility of life and the way that parts can take on new meaning in an instant. Since then Oliver has produced a wide range of art work with pieces being made for clients all over the UK, as well as commission pieces sent to Australia and Shetland.


Reclaimed Memories is located within Clackmannanshire and primarily works on a commission basis. This means that what is produced is a truly bespoke piece of artwork, for you or as a special gift for the person who has everything. During design there is the option of incorporating some of your own materials in the piece to create truly personal artwork. Over the years Reclaimed Memories has created many pieces for birthday or wedding gifts, as well as made for display and retail. There is little limitation in what can be created and if it is of significanceto you then there is often a way of incorporating it to show an object and often see an inner beauty to an otherwise commonplace item.


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